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NGOs, Lobbyists and the Campaigning Blob

As the pre-positioning for next year’s UK election begins in earnest, one strand of the Conservative Party strategy appears to be becoming ever clearer: an attempt to undermine organisations whose campaigns, research, or focus might produce narratives that counter the … Continue reading

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It takes a village, revisited

So the UK government is facing a judicial review in the High Court for providing aid to Ethiopia without regard to its human rights record. As reported by the BBC and The Guardian (amongst others), an Ethiopian farmer who was … Continue reading

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Oxfam and Conor Burns’ perfect storm of manufactured outrage

Conor Burns, who a few weeks ago reported the British charity, Oxfam, to the Charity Commission, alleging it had broken laws governing what constitutes charitable activity by directly engaging in an “overtly political” campaign, is now calling for all charities … Continue reading

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Escaping the realities of the health care system – at your expense.

There’s nothing like allowances for representatives of national assemblies to really get people fired up. Annoyed as people get about MPs salaries, it’s the perks that lurk below the headline wage that cause righteous spluttering and indignation. The UK’s parliamentary … Continue reading

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Museveni, the Anti-Homosexuality Law, and the politics of the succession

So Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill has finally been passed, after years of ‘will it, won’t it’ to-ing and fro-ing, signed by President Museveni at the end of February. The law has been modified from its original iteration – the death penalty … Continue reading

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