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I am Reader in International Development and Head of the Department of Development Studies at the SOAS, University of London. I research, teach and write on Africa, and the history and politics of international development in sub-Saharan Africa. Research areas include: - The history of development in Africa, from the late nineteenth century to the current day - Politics of East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda) - the role of non-state providers (NGOs, FBOs and self-help groups) in welfare service provision - Social aspects of health, including HIV and AIDS, and malaria

What lessons does 70 years of the NHS have for universal access?

Today , Britain celebrates 70 years of the National Health Service, born under Nye Bevan’s midwifery on 5th July, 1948, and even in today’s divided Britain, a rare point of unanimity in the respect with which it is held. The NHS … Continue reading

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On gift horses, football and aid: Rwanda, Arsenal and British gammon-coloured outrage

As the Trojans know, gifts can be somewhat problematic. When they’re not hiding an invading army in their belly, gifts come with a whole set of obligations and expectations from the giver, the beneficiary required to use the gift in … Continue reading

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Oxfam’s Crisis: abuse, accountability and trust

For any institution, trust is possibly one of the most important forms of capital it can possess. Trust can be one of the most enduring, strong and sticky types of capital. But that strength can mask its fragility, and it … Continue reading

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How clean is your money? The President’s Club and just saying no (thanks)

A couple of years ago, the big controversies rocking the charitable sector in the UK centred around unethical fund-raising practices. Following the scandal of the President’s Club fundraising evening in January 2018, there is a new question for charities to … Continue reading

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World AIDS Day 2017: the success and the struggle

‘Change is possible and … human beings, correctly mobilised, can be stronger than the inertia of the governments and other institutions that they have created’ Thomas Weiss and Anthony Jennings (1983)   There are two narratives in the history of … Continue reading

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